Getting To Know Andy

Getting To Know Andy

Please introduce yourself in 20 words or less - 
Just a human. Born and raised in the southwest of WA. Sharing moments of my life and adventures.

Was photography your first career choice?
No, I was always told to get a trade behind me, so I worked in the Power Generation Industry for 10+ years. I still shot photos on the side and realised its something I love. Chipped away at changing my job and bit by bit my vision expanded, enjoying the journey of it. It has been quite the learning curve.

How did you go about photography being a hobby to making it a business?
Made plenty of mistakes, Mentored and learnt from some of the best. WA has a lot of Creatives willing to help see you succeed. Just slowly worked away at the vision and let it develop. Just trying to be consistent has benefited the most, Marathon, not a sprint.

What is the favourite part of your work?
You get to meet a lot of different and interesting characters. People who you would never usually cross paths with. Makes you less judgemental I think, everyone has a story to be told. 

Over the last few years, what type of photography work have you been focusing on? 
Recently I have been focussing in on my Ocean work. Finding some solitude during the colder months has helped grow my goals more and more. I also love my travel work. Telling stories and visiting other places expands your vision.

Are there any projects you are working on at the moment?
A wise man told me not to talk about them and just make them happen haha. I have a few projects on the go and looking forward to sharing them through vagabond when they are accomplished.

What type of gear are you using at the moment and what is the one piece of equipment you wished you had?
I am currently Shooting all Canon equipment. Dji for my drone work and Aquatech for my housing. I would love to give medium format a go one day, but It is just a tool. When I have pushed the capabilities of what I am using maybe it will be time for an upgrade.

When excites you about travel and photography?
New experiences, new challenges. Standing in cold conditions where you can’t feel your fingers and shooting the Northern Lights. Swimming in a wild Ocean in crazy swells watching guys try and tackle some of the heaviest waves around. There is so much to love about what I get to do it's endless.

What are your sources of inspiration and do you ever go through times when you think “let's move on from this type of work”?
My primary source of inspiration is my family, they support and back me 100%, so I owe it to them to make the most of what I have. I lost my bro to cancer years back, and so I try and live a life that he would be proud of. He missed out, so I want to make up for that. Rain, hail or shine I am not giving up.
What is the worst piece of advice you have heard given to a someone that wants to make a career out of photography?
“You can't.” 
You can do whatever you want, just be prepared for hard work and sacrifice.

What is the one aspect you find the most difficult about running a photographic business?
Being competitive and making money. Finding the right balance between being useful and getting paid.

If there was one destination you could travel to and photograph where would it be?
The list is Endless.
Would love to do Tahiti, chase a swell and check it out.

Where can we follow your work?
Website  Instagram