2020 - The Year Ahead

2020 - The Year Ahead

What a challenging start to 2020 we have had. From raging bush fires to a global pandemic. It is completely understandable for people to be feeling overwhelmed and anxious at the moment. Unlike previous years where I write my photography goals in a moleskin notebook and keep them to myself, this year I have decided to write this blog post in order to keep myself accountable and share my experience. In the current environment some of my intended goals I will be able to start on, however, others will provide me with something to look forward to when we eventually arrive at some kind of normality and social distancing is no longer a necessity to protect our community.

Finding time to balance a full-time career and my photography life is always quite challenging. In order to not get overwhelmed I think goal setting is exceptionally important. Goals provide direction and an ability to grow and achieve progress. Without this, all your creative vision and skill can end up as unfulfilled potential. I've always struggled to focus my attention on one thing as I want to try and do everything. Ultimately this can be counterproductive so this is why I have decided to choose just 3 goals to pursue this year.

Goal 1 - Diversifying and developing versatility

Landscape and seascape photography is my absolute passion. However, I have been wanting to expand my photography to include other styles or genres so I am not one dimensional. Not so long ago I saw an Instagram story by an exceptionally talented photographer and all-round fantastic human, Phil Thurston, talking about versatility as a photographer. His story really resonated with me and I think versatility is key and an aspect of my photography that I want to develop further. I invested in an underwater housing a while ago to learn more about ocean photography and diversify the way I shoot one of my favourite subjects. Learning to shoot from the water is something completely new for me but I absolutely love it and the new creative possibilities it provides.

I have also been doing some property photography, however, most recently I have embarked on newborn photography. I previously did some portraiture about 10 years ago while I was at university, however, this was my foray into photographing newborns. I wanted to choose this type of photography as a personal project to push me out of my comfort zone and challenge my existing skills and techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it is something I can see myself doing more of.

Goal 2 - Vagabond Photographic

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of 2019 was becoming a Vagabond Photographic Creative Guide and attending the Escape and Create South Coast Gathering. Vagabond Photographic is a community that is passionate about photography, collaboration and sharing that happiness that photography provides. Ultimately, in the current environment we need to respect social distancing and self isolation to protect our community. Once we get through this challenging time I can't wait to be part of future Vagabond events to reconnect and bring together a great bunch of like-minded creatives for photography, adventure, and inspiration.

While we are going through this unprecedented event I am going to start sharing more blog content in order to continue to contribute to the Vagabond community. I hope this provides the opportunity to engage with others during a time when some are feeling very isolated. More broadly, I am also wanting to increase my focus on photography education and learning resources that I can share through Vagabond, my website and social media, with the aim of helping others learn and grow as photographers.

Goal 3 - Expanding my creativity and vision

My landscape photography to date has focused on coastal and landscape imagery that is a literal representation of a scene that speaks for itself. Where a single image tells its own story and documents the natural beauty of the subject. I am inspired by the scene whether it be the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky overhead, a raging swell being illuminated by the morning sun, or deep valleys and high mountains that make you feel small. That will always be my passion and primary inspiration but now I am wanting to develop a collection of fine art imagery that goes beyond the initial scene and provides an avenue to develop a unique creative interpretation or vision for the final image. An example of this is the image below. The concept for this image was to convey a sense of being presented with a choice during tough or challenging times. In this baron and harsh scene the footprints reach the face of the dune and there is the choice of going up the dune or around. What path would you choose? I want this image to provoke thought and convey a sense that there is a story behind the image itself. I hope to create a fine art series of images this year that are a medium for creative expression. These will be unique images designed to convey a vision, an idea, emotion or message.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Please stay safe during this challenging time and respect the need for social distancing and isolation.

If you would like to view more of my work please visit my website. I also offer custom prints and an online print store. If you have any suggestions for blog topics you would like covered or just want to say hi, then please get in touch :)