Shooting Film Techniques

Shooting Film Techniques

Vagabond Photographic Creative Guide Natalie Ord AKA Manifeasto Photography shot us through some of her favourite snaps captured on Ilford Delta 100 and Ilford FP4 Black & White Film. Some great info and little tips too shooting film and photographs in general. 

One of the most important things you can do is look up. Interesting things happen above eye level like this enclosed walkway in Melbourne which reminded me of an ant colony with people scurrying along getting about their business. Ilford FP4, Pentax K1000, 50mmm fixed lens

I often equate street photography with big cities but wandering around your own town especially down laneways, you’ll be sure to find some grit. Delta 100, Pentax K1000, 50mm fixed lens.

Reflection of a church steeple in the bonnet of a Mercedes Benz parked in the yard of the church. God pays well. Delta 100, Pentax K1000, 50mm fixed lens.

Shot in Albury, NSW, Australia while on a solo street photo walk. I usually hate lazy people, but someone else’s laziness made this picture! Delta 100, Pentax K1000, 50mm fixed lens.

Les Murray, Australia’s greatest contemporary poet. I had the opportunity to photograph Les in his home and writing studio in Bunyah, NSW, Australia. Incredible to meet and spend time with such an amazing mind. FP4, Pentax K1000, 50mm fixed lens.

Late Autumn in Melbourne but it feels more like Winter. The wind sweeps the leaves across the streets everyone is wrapped in jackets and scarves except the guy sitting alone at Hungry Jacks. I spotted him and wanted to get a closer shot but he was watching me and street photography isn’t fun when people know you’re photographing them. FP4, Pentax K1000, 50mm fixed lens.

We all know not to text and drive but surely shooting film is ok? Shot on a very cold and foggy morning on the Hume Highway near Chiltern, Victoria, Australia. FP4, Pentax K1000, 50mmm fixed lens.

Two seats in Albury, NSW with no particularly great view and they did look rather uncomfortable. At least they look good. Delta 100, Pentax K1000, 50mm fixed lens.

The T&G and Australia Mutual Provident Society, typical architecture of larger regional Australian towns, tower over Albury’s main street. Delta 100, Pentax K1000, 50mm fixed lens