3 tips on

3 tips on "chasing the light" by Stef King.

1/. Trust in your instinct, give yourself permission to throw caution to the wind and light with your gut, not your head. Its when you get out of the technical mindset and into seeing the light, movement, shape & colour that the real magic happens.

2/. Master your gear, Once you find something you love stick with it and master it, that way when you are on a shoot you know your gear inside and out and you can focus on the creative stuff not the technical know how. For me, in the studio, my go-to style of lighting is a Large Octa Softbox on a single flash unit in front of the subject. This gives a very even light but still with a lovely soft fall off which is really great for beauty/skin lighting. On location, I tend to rely heavily on the sun plus reflectors and lighting scrims to create shape and shadows.

3/. My 2018 resolution, not to leave my camera at home! Too many times I think of my camera as work work work. I think that comes with the territory of being a commercial photographer. But my 2018 plan is to carry my camera with me more often! So many times I’m out and about and I see the most amazing light... and I know that reaching for the iPhone just isn’t going to cut it! So take your camera with your on more adventures and capture that incredible light when it arrives!

About Stef:

Stef is an award-winning photographer based in Perth Western Australia, Stef specialises in advertising and editorial photography, her portfolio contains work published globally.  Stef is an Australian Elinchrom lighting Ambassador. Her clients include Disney, Crown Casino, Miss Universe Australia, Welleco, Sunday Times Magazine and more.  

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