Conor Hegyi

Conor Hegyi

Tell us a little about yourself, where are you based and how did you get into photography / videography? 

l am 23 years of age based in Wollongong, Australia.
l was very lucky to have grown up by the coast with parents that love to travel and surf. l picked up my first camera around the age of 14 because my friends and l wanted to get cool photos of ourselves riding waves. We would take turns out in the surf, catching 2 waves each then swapping back and forth with the camera. Then all of a sudden l was hooked! You couldn't catch me in the water without a camera in my hand! l was terrible but l loved every minute of it! Photos soon turned to Video because l was in awe of Chris Bryan's Slow motion reel.

You’ve already chalked up experiences in many incredible locations worldwide. What has been your favourite location & experience to date, and where do you want to travel / shoot next?
l have been so lucky to have visited so many beautiful places! Best trip l have ever had was to Tahiti with Shane Ackerman. It was the only 2 weeks holiday l got for the year during a really busy time at work. 1st day into holidays arrived to 8-10ft perfect waves which was definitely something l will never forget. Scored 2 long days of perfect waves!

As the swell died on our trip we headed out to another reef break. We were lucky to have Ben Thouard give us a lift out on a Jet Ski! There were some beautiful peaks coming through and just as the sun was setting! Ben was just out of position right when the most perfect wave l have ever seen broke right in front of my eyes!! It is still the best thing l have ever captured on film! Ended up attracting over 10 million views online.
Next for me would be the Maldives or back to Tahiti (can't get enough).

You’ve recently had a change in career and will be spending more time creating from behind the lens. Can you tell us about your new venture Lone Pine Media?
After being medically discharged from the Army from a lower leg injury! l thought to myself this is perfect time to open up all my opportunity's to Filming and make a living from it! I have created a filming company "Lone Pine Media". The name was created to pay my respect to those who have sacrificed their lives for our country in WW1. l would also like to see my self as the lone pine. Someone who is an individual and follows what he loves and believes in no matter what others say he will always stay standing. l am looking forward to all the opportunities that come my way.

What is the most challenging & rewarding part of being a videographer and why?
Most Challenging thing would be.... that things go wrong and don't always go to plan. Your focus was out/ exposure was wrong and your memory card in still plugged in to your laptop at home which is now 2 hours away ha ha!
As a wave videographer getting the perfect shot is the most rewarding thing! You know that the tide / swell / light / focus / settings / positioning and location was all perfectly timed by yourself, you made and created this beautiful film because you studied and worked hard to make it happen. Seeing other people fall in love with your work as much as you is probably the most satisfaction you will ever get!

What does your gear list consist of? What is you favourite lens and why?
I use the Panasonic GH5 because of its 180 frames per second slow motion and its small yet very powerful. I use the 14-45mm Panasonic lens. l keep my camera gear water tight with the best in the business... 'Aquatech Water Imaging Solutions'! Their camera housing equipment has never let me down and l love their easy to use setup and beautifully designed housings. l know that they are always looking for the latest and best ways to have the best products and keep your camera safe!

What is it about the ocean that inspires you to create the stunning videos you make?
The pure satisfaction of expressing myself through film and music is definitely what inspires me to do what l do! Showing people my emotions and the beautiful things l have seen.

What would you say is your most significant achievement to date?
My biggest achievement would be in general getting all the opportunities that l have been given with film and everything else in life! l don't ever take anything for granted!

If you could pass any advice to upcoming photographers / videographers what would it be?
My advice to up and coming photographers/ videographers would be to impress yourself with what you do not others! Inspire yourself through your creativity. Always take advice from others but that doesn't mean it's always good advice, so do what makes you happy and what works for you. Love what you do otherwise you're wasting your time in life. Respect others and most importantly have respect for yourself.

Where can we follow your work?
Instagram: @ConorHegyi  / @LonePineMedia


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