Cushla Monk

Cushla Monk

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into photography?
I am a keen and committed hobbyist photographer and am passionate about capturing seascapes and landscapes particularly deploying long exposure photography. I grew up in Wellington New Zealand before moving to live in Australia. I was given an old film camera in my early teens which was always with me in those formative years living in New Zealand and family holidays or special occasions I was there.

By profession, I worked as a Cartographer with experience in design and proposals for a number of international exploration companies on projects in minerals and oil exploration. The required attention to detail and exposure to the environment has influenced me in my appreciation of the beauty I seek to portray in the world which I see with my camera. I like to try to portray what I feel, or perhaps what I think, when selecting a particular scene to capture and have it reflect on the uniqueness of the image. It is important to me to have my creation reveal a moment in time that I am able to share.

What excites you about getting out there escaping & creating?
Getting out there creating and escaping is exciting yet it brings simplicity and calmness back into living in the city. I adore the tranquillity and beauty of a sunrise on the coast where I have the time and space without any restraints to enjoy all that unfolds before me. The excitement and anticipation of the colour and light or the drama that may occur at any moment is so worthy of that early morning start. The thrill of visiting a location I’ve not had the chance to shoot before and the challenge of giving life to my chosen subject is incredibly fulfilling. It is also wonderful to revisit and old haunt and see it in different light and texture, always presenting another amazing challenge.

We had you along to our free Boora Point Landscape Outing… What was the experience like sharing the morning with like minded people and also getting to hang out with Siobhan Marren & Mitch Pearson-Goff?
The invitation to share an outing at Boora Point recently with the Vagabond Photographic team was very exciting. It was such an adventure setting off early morning with great eagerness with an extremely artistic group of photographers and talented mentors, Siobhan and Mitch. To get to participate with the group, to expand my skills, listen and gain direction from my mentors and watch as everyone set about to create their own interpretation of the brief was initially a little terrifying, but yet so rewarding. I loved how each person interpreted the theme and set about to create the moment so differently and of course the chat around the breakfast table was so enthusiastic and friendly.
I certainly look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to participate again and I’m very appreciative of the time and energy put into such an event by the Vagabond team.

If there was one destination you could travel to and photograph where would it be?
The one destination I would love to travel to and photograph is Kenya. Several years ago we did a safari trip to some of the game parks in Kenya and I took with me my first DSLR and the two kit lens. Needless to say my lack of photographic skills and knowledge of the camera equipment was reflected in my photos! Having learnt so much and having been inspired by the likes of Siobhan and Mitch I’d love to return to do justice to the beautiful yet diverse landscape of the country and its wildlife and people.

Where can we follow your work? (Website / Social)
Instagram: cushla­_monk 
500px:  Cushla_Monk


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