Darren McCagh from Farmhouse Films - Bag of choice.

Darren McCagh from Farmhouse Films - Bag of choice.

Darren McCagh from Farmhouse Films has recently released his first documentary “One Shot- An Image And An Attitude” which was shown throughout Australia on the ABC, is doing the rounds at film festivals around the world, has been picked up by an International distribution company and is up for a handful of awards. The family man from Margaret River Western Australia is no stranger to lugging his equipment, from the remote Kimberley outback to the streets of San Francisco and anywhere in between, he has certainly done some km’s and his bag of choice for the journey, F-Stop, let's find out why.

Vagabond: What’s the number reason for choosing F-Stop as your bag of choice?

Before I make a purchase I always do a lot of research to explore all options. Everywhere I looked, and everyone I asked (who’s opinion I respect) always pointed me in the same direction…F-Stop. So the choice was easy. Well made, long-lasting, customisable storage options for the ever-changing equipment I needed to carry.

Vagabond: Ok, Daz you are no stranger to maximising your F-Stop bag, to be honest, I don’t know how you get that much gear packed away, what’s the type of gear are you lugging around?

Geez…you name it. It’s in there. The ICU is filled with Canon and Sigma Lenses, ZOOM H6 Audio Recorder, Canon 6D, Sennheiser Lapels, XLR Audio Cables. And the other compartments contain all the tools and possibly spare parts I need for maintenance and repair on location.


Vagabond: If you were the designer what would you change or make better?

I’m not really sure, to be honest. I really do love these bags.

Vagabond: You have been to some very remote places filming the last few years how’s the bag holding up to the punishment?

I bought my bag about 6 years ago I reckon and it really is still going strong. I have noticed some of the zip seams in the top section started to split and the occasional zip getting stuck, but all in all, she’s still got plenty left in her.

Vagabond: 7kg the magic airline weight for carry on, surely you have been a touch over on occasion, what’s your best guess on the most amount of weight you have put in the overhead lockers?

Hopefully, there are no associates of the airlines reading this who can flag my name, but I think I’ve maxed the ICU to about 20kg. Batteries, Canon C300, all my lenses, Canon 6D…Even had a 5kg weight plate for a jib in there when I knew I’d be over with checked in luggage. The beauty of the ICU is it’s small enough that nobody thinks to check it and strong enough to load it up with your heaviest gear (if you have to). I do try to keep that weight under the seat and not in the overhead where I can though.

Vagabond: What’s the access like to your equipment and do you feel like there is enough protection for your gear at the same time?

Access is fine. I usually fold the cover of the ICU underneath and slide into the main bag so I only have to undo the one flap if I need to get at things quickly. I still find you have enough protection from the padding on the main bag to protect your gear. I’ve never broken anything in this bag and it’s been dropped, thrown, rained on, inadvertently left in puddles of water and everything has survived.

Vagabond: Where can we see and follow your work?



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