Domenic Mosqueira -  Tahitian Paradise

Domenic Mosqueira - Tahitian Paradise

Domenic Mosqueira calls one of the most beautiful places on the planet home - Teahupoo, Tahiti. His journey to this paradise began in Mexico where he was born before he later migrated to Canada at the age of 12 and finally ended up in Tahiti while sailing around French Polynesia. Dom fell into photography at an early age by virtue of his father who had his own production company, which meant there was always someone around filming or shooting stills.

Dom's photography has graced the pages of the world's leading surf magazines and websites.  He has gained a reputation for putting himself in precarious situations to capture mind-blowing photos.

While Dom travels the world he spends the majority of his time shooting some of the biggest names in surfing at one of the heaviest waves on the planet, Teahupoo.

We caught up with Dom for a brief chat about what he has been up to and what we can expect from his upcoming photography workshop with Russell Ord in Tahiti this June.

How often do you travel and what's your favourite place away from home that you have photographed?

I travel anywhere from about 4-10 times a year give or take. My favorite places away from home to photograph are Mexico as it use to be home (does that count haha) because of the different faces, landscapes and culture you can find around every corner. Margaret River Western Australia has to be hands down one of my favorites. The scenery and the dramatic land and seascapes are epic, not to mention the multitude of different waves and slabs. The people are some of the best characters I have ever met, I love the place. I dream of making it to South Africa one of these days soon!

What would you say is your most significant achievement to date?

This is a tough question.  My son first and foremost haha, but photographically I suppose it me probably the fact that I set my mind to becoming one of the best water photographers out at Teahupoo. I guess the jury is still out on that one, but I arrived in Tahiti with very little and gave myself a few years to either make it or bust. Ten years later I'm still here and loving it all so guess I achieved that goal. 

What have you been working on recently?

I have recently started a project to create my own zine. Something that will combine not just great water and surf imagery but artists from all walks and hopefully create something that speaks and inspires more than just a swipe and a copy and paste quote haha. It might be a bust but will be a very enjoyable ride. I have also started to put together images for a body of work of everywhere I travel capturing the people who sell anything and everything on the street, street vendors of all kinds. I have always been fascinated by the charters and things people pedal on the street.

What equipment do you shoot with currently?

I shoot with a Canon 1Dx mkII and canon lenses

What is the most challenging part about being a photographer for you?

Challenging myself to find imagery that will be memorable and make people want to stop and look, even as simple as an emotion that can take away with them.

If you could only take one camera and lens on your next job, what will be your go to set up to get the job done?  

My trusty 1Dx mkii because even if big its so solid and trustworthy i can pretty much take it anywhere. would take my 24-70 2.8 with me just for the verstility it offers

Your dream project?

A conservational compilation of images of all the endangered and soon to be endangered species and places. One to try and save/ preserve them and if not to simply try to continue the effort many others have started.

Your biggest inspirations?

Games Natchwey, David Deboullie, Dian Arbus, Richard Avedon, Jacque Cousteau, Paul Watson, Annie Leibovitz etc

You will be running the Tahiti Experience with Russell Ord. When did you first meet Russ Ord? 

I met Ordy here in the water at Teahupoo. He was swimming in crazy spots with a huge over under port. I was quickly impressed to say the least. We struck up a convo and became fast friends. He was so mellow to work with but we also had fun blah blahing as we are both quite opinionated and don't take much shit hahah. Always fun catching up with Ordy at his home in the west over a couple of pints and some footy.

What can people expect on the Tahiti experience?

On this Tahiti experience, you can expect to be shooting beautiful water/ underwater scenery... Be it waves, amazing surfing, abstract, sea life (hopefully some dolphins and whales come to join in and some great landscapes as well.

I along with the Drollet family (Cindy,and Matahi) will be guiding the experience. we will be visiting Teahupoo and some other fun waves in the vicinity. We will also head on day excursions to some waterfalls boat drive down to the uninhabited part of the coast for some dramatic scenery. Pretty much anything we can dream up

When people think about Tahiti and the ocean they immediately think about Teahupoo and its huge heaving barrels. Is it all about Teahupoo and putting yourself in death-defying situations or are their mellower options to enjoy.

Yes, Teahupoo is mostly what we see but there are definitely much mellower options.. smaller waves for more "arty, abstract" type shooting as well as smaller more hi-performance aerial waves etc.  

Where is your favourite place to shoot in Tahiti?

Well, that's an easy one for me... Teahupoo!! Just because its a constant challenge not just to swim it but to find new ways to shoot it.

You shoot some of the biggest names in surfing, John John Florence, Nathan  Florence, Matahi, Medina etc Who are your favourites to shoot at Teahupoo?

John John is definitely a favorite for sure just the way he surfs this wave and the effortless style always make me want to push my photography and placement. That also extends to many of the local Boys here Matahi, Mateia Matehau, Tika just to name a few because there are so many. Some of the other pros that are amazing to shoot are Nathan Florence who charges along with Koa Rothman and anyone on any given day that decides to go for it!

Best photography advice/tip that you have been given?

Don't overthink it, just start shooting and something amazing will come

If you feel like being part of the Tahitian Experience with Dom and Russell Ord you can see more details here.


You can check some of Doms work out at Instagram.


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