Featured Photographer: Tania Malkin - Kununurra Photography

Featured Photographer: Tania Malkin - Kununurra Photography

Posted on April 09 2018

Tania Malkin:

I always wanted to be an artist!  and I have always loved photography. When I was 10 I got my first camera and when I was 13 I got my first SLR camera (my mums of AGFA)  when I was 15, I managed to talk my mother into purchasing me a second hand Pentax 35mm SLR.  From there there was no stopping me, I spent hundreds of dollars on film and processing.  Form the age of 19 I began to turn my love of photography into a professionI studied Art and Design with a major in Fine Art, following this I went back to university and studied a double degree in Business and Law.

As an experienced photographer who has been photographing professionally for 20 years,  I will ensure that the right equipment is used for the conditions.  Your images will have the quality that only a professional can offer.

More about Tania. 


Big Personality
On the Kimberley coast, the Boab trees growth is super slow because of the salt. this tree is probably only 12ft tall, looks hundreds of years old and has a perfect shape. Little Tree, "Big Personality"
Single Frame Image
Zeiss 15mm
Nikon D800
Kings Ransome
Sedimentary Patterns and Colours with the right light are Mesmerising, Shot from a Helicopter on the Kimberley Flood planes.
Single Frame
Zeiss 85mm
Nikon D800
Crusted Salt, Sedimentary soil and algal blooms give this colour and texture.  Like Autumn colour on the great lake Kati Thanda
Single Frame
Zeiss 85mm
Nikon D4
Sedimentary patterns left by flood water on the floodplains of the Kimberley Change every year.  
Single Frame
Nikon 24-70mm
The Remote North Australian Timor Coastline is spectacular, largely inaccessible by land the area is pristine.
Cessna 210
Single Frame
Zeiss 85mm
Nikon D810
I try to go fishing near where I want to photograph the sunset.  On this day some friends from the community I live on came.  After a lucky day on the lines, I went to shoot this scene, but Kutera wanted to come.  My landscape scene got photobombed (I will never complain about this little photo bomber) and my Camera never made it to my tripod. 
Natural Light
ISO1000: F4.5 : 1/100 
Zeiss 21mm
Nikon D810


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