Folklore Photography

Folklore Photography

Michelle Troop

I used to draw a lot in my childhood and teenage years. I think photography came as a natural step. Instead of drawing everything, I’d photograph it instead.

I’ve had a camera since I was about 12 years old. I never really learnt how to use my cameras until the last decade and I never thought to make photography a career. I travelled continuously in my 20s and in between, I studied Literature and Anthropology amongst other things. My biggest dream was to become a singer, a backup singer, but I’ve never managed to feel entirely comfortable singing in front of other people. That’s probably another reason why I chose a career in photography, to remain in the background.

I like words, art, nature, music, people and more recently I have a slight obsession with light. The world fascinates me.

I’m a self-taught photographer.

Thanks for finding me and my work.

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