Glenn Harris

Glenn Harris

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into photography?

I grew up in Wollongong, NSW and I still live here. My parents bought me a film camera when I was younger but I got more serious about photography through friends and travelling. I picked up my first DSLR while overseas. I sold all my gear a couple of years later as I found I wasn’t taking my camera anywhere because it was too big.

A few years ago I got another camera and saw the great ocean photographers who lived in Wollongong. The photos were so amazing to me and I thought I’d like to give it a go. I got a housing off eBay and away I went.

What excites you about getting out there escaping & creating?

For me, getting out to a new place is really inspiring. It doesn’t even have to be a famous or iconic spot. I find that just being somewhere new helps me to search for a new perspective, instead of just falling into the same old patterns when I’m at a place I know well. Then after I come back, I find I can look at my usual spots with some fresh eyes.

The other aspect I really enjoy is just being able to concentrate on photography and kind of leave all the other parts of your life behind for a bit. If I go away for a weekend I think I get more practice than weeks at home.

What fascinates you about the ocean?

It’s ever-changing and influenced by so many things. That means each session is different. I can remember sessions where I didn’t think conditions were great or the light wasn’t right but I got some of my better photos.

Then there’s just the feeling of being out there. Even if I don’t get any photos I’ve still been for a swim in the ocean and feel great afterwards.

We also had the pleasure of your company at our first Vagabond Escape & Create Gathering… What were your thoughts and how did you find the concept?

I loved it. It was a lot different from other photography workshops I’ve done but I found it very inspiring. The relaxed and informal nature made it seem like you were just photographing with friends and bouncing ideas off each other. Also, it was cool to connect with people on things other than photography.

The creative guides were great and were really good at getting me to think differently about a subject or a different approach.

If there was one destination you could travel to and photograph where would it be?

My dream destination was going to Tonga to photograph the humpback whales. I was lucky enough to do that last year. Another dream destination is Norway for the amazing landscapes and, of course, the aurora.

Where can we follow your work? (Website / Social)

I post my work on Instagram at @glennhphotos. I’m building a website and I’ll update my Instagram account when it’s ready.


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