Jim Culley - New Zealand.

Jim Culley - New Zealand.

Photography sucker-punched me, reminding me of the first time I rode a surfboard across a wave. My initial love of photography stems from a passion for surfing that began when I was 12.
A self-taught photographer, I have now spent the better part of a decade documenting athletes doing what they love in and around the world’s premier surfing locations. Always learning, testing the boundaries and developing my craft, this journey is well worth the gas bill.
Jim Culley is a teacher and photographer in the stunning Horowhenua, New Zealand. He is available to travel worldwide.
A few of Jim's images below (with descriptions).
New Zealand has to be one of the best places in the world for surf lineups. Yeah I’m biased, but what’s better than pumping waves and dramatic backdrops? I’m ready to hear your counter-argument…
No rugged backdrops here. Just pure New Zealand butter.

‘The Warmth’ is an image from an exhibition I held titled ‘The Still Motion Collection’. Captured during one of the West coasts brilliant sunsets, I feel it conveys one of the feelings only a surfer really gets to experience. The question remains-can you enjoy the moment unfolding before you, or are you too concerned with catching one last wave…

Shooting from the water always get’s me excited. There really is no better angle in my opinion. Drones are the new craze but I’d still rather get a solid water image. Alex Dive reveling in his home turf’s delights.
There’s not much that beats getting away for a few days with talented surfers and chasing a swell. Where there’s ample opportunity to shoot pumping waves there is ample opportunity to capture the lifestyle and vibe of a surf trip. The boys were surfed to exhaustion and waiting on a huge feed of fish and chips, cue the long exposure.
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