Nick Carrick - Fiji Workshop Q&A.

Nick Carrick - Fiji Workshop Q&A.

Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into photography?

Hi, I’m Nick, a 21-year-old aspiring surf and seascape photographer living on the Mornington Peninsula. I'm currently running a Production Company with my best friend and doing surf photography as a hobby. Growing up in Mornington I have spent most of my childhood in the water and as such, have fallen in love with the sea and the Ocean. I first started to realize my passion for photography when I would go out with my best friend, a fellow photographer, and we would shoot photos for hours. It is always great fun going out and shooting with someone else.

What attracts you to photography in general? And more specifically, surf/ocean photography?

The main attraction of surf photography for me was being able to share the joy of the surf with the people I photograph. When I first started to try and learn to surf there was lots of negative tension I felt in the water and I hated it, so I picked up a camera. And for me, it was the best thing ever! Being out in the surf and working with amazing surfers is the best thing. I feel a lot more connected to the ocean and to come out with some amazing photos is just the added bonus for me.

How was your stay at Matanavusi Eco Resort?

My stay at the Matanavusi Eco Resort was amazing, having such a great community to share my stay with was just the best thing ever! Everyone that worked there was beyond lovely and created one big family, I have never experienced that anywhere else. And then to have boat access included to some of the best surf breaks I have been to was such a treat!

How was the Vagabond workshop, fav moments and what was the one thing that helped you improve the most?

Being able to work alongside Russell Ord was a dream come true! Having his support out in the water boosted the confidence in myself and was amazing to see how he works with his talent and shoots some campaigns. He ran the workshop amazing and allowed time for other activities like going and playing rugby with one of the local villages. The whole workshop was a complete blast and I truly loved every moment!

What is the most adventurous thing you did at the workshop that has taken you out of your comfort zone?

Being in Fiji was the prime location for me, growing up on the Mornington Peninsula I am very much use to sandbank breaks and not a reef break, I was super nervous about this because I was not used to shooting in these conditions having some days that got to about 6ft and was scared I was going to get washed up on the reef! Russell helped lots on the first day to get me confident on the breaks we would be shooting and made me feel lots more Confidence in myself.

What was it like working with incredible surfers, Chippa Wilson and Asher Wales?

Working with Chippa and Asher was a dream come true! The guys made it look so easy out in the surf and was always giving me tips on the right place to sit to get the best photo possible. In and out of the water the guys where just the best, sitting in on some of the classes we had and learning with us and giving us feedback on what they like to see was something that hands down helped lots in the creative process. The best thing also was being able to just relax and chat with the guys at the end of the day. I have followed Chippa as a surfer for a while now so was great to be able to shoot him and also have a beer with him at the end of a long day!

Where is your next big adventure?

Next adventure for me has to be Ireland! Something that has been on my list for a while now so really want to get over there and shoot in a completely different environment then I have before.

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