Trekking Through Beautiful Canada With Kieran & Emily

Trekking Through Beautiful Canada With Kieran & Emily


Peyto Lake, Alberta: A must stop along the Ice fields Parkway which is one of the most beautiful drives you could possibly do! Mountains surround every turn. Estimated time to drive is 2-3 hours but for us it was an all day thing. How could we not stop and photograph the awe inspiring landscape.

Emerald Lake, BC: For @missemvy and I both Emerald Lake has been our favourite. After spending 2 months on the road this day stands out. With the sun setting, perfect reflections and not a soul in sight, we manned this abandoned canoe and set out to enjoy the lingering light touching the mountains. Solace truly does exist!

Banff National Park, Alberta: Staring through my viewfinder at this majestic, snow dusted Elk I couldn't help but feel so calm and relaxed. When in actual fact I may have been a little close and had he wanted to could've done quite some damage with those antlers!

Partners in crime, @missemvy and @ktunbridge have been traveling the Canadian provinces living in a 1982 Dodge Camper. While the van life looks all fun and games on the social media, they have had their fair share of mishaps along the way(see @thewildervan for more details on that).

Maligne Lake, Alberta: Crystallised. Completely frozen. Walking on a water body so big is such a foreign thought to any one who doesn't live somewhere cold. Being Australian, It had to be seen to be believed!

Us time, Its easy to forget the important things and without one another this amazing adventure wouldn't be what it has been so far. We have had good times and we have had bad times but any time together makes for the best time!

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