Richard Johnston

Richard Johnston "The Lonely Hunter"

Vagabond Photographic: Richard why the name - Lonely Hunter?
I have always liked the idea of creating a company around a centralised brand name which can grow and expand without limitations and for me, 'Lonely Hunter' seemed like a good fit.

VP: You have an incredibly diverse range of work from ocean imagery to the deserts of Africa, what subject would be your number one passion?
That has always been a question that I have struggled with when asked. There are so many different possibilities when it comes to photography that I find it hard constraining myself to only one subject. I really enjoy travelling, so finding myself in new environments with different subjects to shoot always keeps things fresh and interesting.

VP: At the beginning of the year you won the Canon Light Awards competition can you talk us through the process and what type of imagery did you select?
Sure, the competition ran throughout the year and each month or two Canon released a brief where people can submit their best images which relate to that brief. Winners for each brief would then be selected based on one of the three categories, compact, DSLR or Full Frame. Winners from each brief would then automatically be entered into the grand final at the end of the year for their category which was judged by a handful of Canon Masters. The brief I entered my image into was 'Wonders of The Sky'. It was an image of some storm clouds which gathered over the ocean illuminated by lightning. This year, however, I believe Canon has run the competition slightly differently where its set up as more of a live event.

VP: You have recently thrown away the shackles and security of having another job back up your photographic work (congratulations) what are you finding the biggest challenges since going full time?
Yeah, I've basically thrown myself into the deep end and now I'm trying to learn how to swim. It's no easy task and the list of challenges continues to grow but sometimes in order to succeed I feel that's what you need to do. In a time which is heavily dominated by social media, I think the biggest challenge that I face on a daily basis is marketing myself in such a way that I stand out from the crowd where people will start to take myself and my work seriously.

VP: How do you see the Lonely Hunter in 3-5 yrs, what’s your number one goal?
My number one goal has always been to simply make a living by doing something I enjoy... But looking into the future I would like to have my own gallery which I could sell my work through. I would also like to set up a variety of photographic expeditions to other parts of the world where I can share some of the things I have learnt with others.

VP: If you only had to work on a passion project for the next six months, what is your dream location and what is the subject.
I would love to embark on a trip to Antarctica or Greenland and photograph some of the icebergs and glaciers within those regions.

VP: Where can we follow and purchase your work?



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