Stoked To Announce We Are Now Stocking Seek Society Adventure Gear

Stoked To Announce We Are Now Stocking Seek Society Adventure Gear

Posted on September 25 2018

Vagabond Photographic stoked to announce we are now stocking Seek Society Adventure Gear. We interviewed the girls behind the seek Society.

First of all, can you tell us about yourselves?
The Seek Society is run by founders Charity Turner, and Phoebe Colbrelli-Cox, as well as our team of passionate earth, focussed adventurers out of our HQ in Sydney and the Northern Rivers, NSW Australia. We are adventurers and travellers and aim to provide similarly minded individuals with practical, high quality and sustainable outdoor products that can be enjoyed for many years to come. When we are not working and developing new products we are out on the trails of adventure.

Charity - At the moment there isn’t a lot of spare time but when there is I write and play music. When I’m immersed in music and or nature I feel grounded. Playing music outdoors, the two at one time is the ultimate. I’m also super family orientated so I love hanging out with my family and spending quality time exploring somewhere new with Phoebe, getting off the grid somewhere in nature. Living passionately is at the core of what we do in our personal and business life.

Phoebe - We like to road trip and travel a lot. Spending time in nature and with animals are high on my agenda. Also, I’m pretty involved with ORRCA which assists with the preservation and welfare of Whales, Dolphins, Seals and Dugongs in Australian waters and I also volunteer for the Rural Fire Services. Community and nature are super important to us so we try and give back to it in our spare time however we can.

What inspired your vision for The Seek Society?
The last few years have been a long but fabulous road for The Seek Society. We first had the vision of The Seek Society not long after Phoebe and I met in 2013, I had been writing music and running expedition companies in the North West of Australia for the last decade and Phoebe was an environmentalist for the NSW Government. We were both feeling a little disenfranchised with the day to day and craved change. Our passion for the environment and love for the great outdoors persuaded us to pack up the 4wd and we began travelling around Australia (together) and then abroad. We experienced so many epic remote locations but were perplexed when we witnessed so many people camping out in cheap plastic tents and utilising camping wares that would barely last their journey. These adventures inspired us to design and manufacture our own quality camping and outdoor products with timeless designs, so that it may encourage others, to enjoy nature to the full, without destroying it in the process.

…And so, the Seek Society was born.

What is your favourite way to style a Bell Tent?
When we are on the road it’s our basic essentials; our bed, a Seek recycled cotton camp rug, camp lantern and not much else! When we are camping in one location for a week or two, we’ll take all our creature comforts! That’s the beauty of a Seek bell tent, so much space and height to shelter so many or make as comfortable as you need.

How do you select your brand ambassadors, what do you look for to represent The Seek Society? Our ambassadors inspire us to get outside, they reveal this beautiful world in a different light and captivate us with their imagery and words of this stunning place we are fortunate to call home. They share an understanding that we are custodians of this beautiful planet, and adventure with this in mind. We have a close relationship and friendship with each ambassador and each share and live a life which has values aligned with the Seek philosophy of caring for people and the planet.

Do you have a favourite location for your adventures?
The Kimberley, North Western Australia, is still one of our favourite adventure locations. The raw beauty of this region and opportunities to get off the beaten track and to explore this ancient land is pretty special. It’s so hard to choose, as there are so many magical places in Australia and abroad!

Can you tell us about anything new on the horizon?
Keep posted online for announcements and how you can support our latest project, the Seeker Camera Backpack. This beauty will be available for pre-order very shortly and available via Kickstarter. We’ve put so much thought, care and consideration into this backpack, like all our other wares. We are excited to offer a unique backpack to travellers made from natural materials, so they can adventure with their camera gear in hand and not compromise on style, versatility and functionality whilst being earth conscious.

Your bell tents would be lucky to take more than 10-15 minutes to set up. Apart from how quick they are to set up, how pretty they look, being sustainable. What is your favourite thing about the Bell Tents? (Charity) I love that I can easily pitch it by myself and also I’m a tall person, and I don’t like feeling claustrophobic or having to lay down in a small dome tent to awkwardly put clothes on each morning when camping. A Seek bell tent allows you to walk around standing up inside, no hunching over, takes the awkwardness out of camping in so many ways! Camping under canvas is always a better sleep too, it’s a naturally breathable fabric, so you wake up feeling great.


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