Sirui Sirui T-025X Carbon Fibre Traveler Tripod With C-10S Ball Head

Sirui Sirui T-025X Carbon Fibre Traveler Tripod With C-10S Ball Head

Sirui Sirui T-025X Carbon Fibre Traveler Tripod With C-10S Ball Head - Review By Ryan Powles

When capturing landscapes photographs, everyone knows that one of the most important pieces of equipment needed is a quality tripod. But when you are travelling, carrying that solid, three-legged monster around can be a drawback. This is the dilemma I faced at the end of 2017 as I locked in a trip to Iceland and started planning what gear to take. In the end, I decided that I needed a sturdy travel tripod that would allow me to travel light but still get those quality shots. And that’s exactly what I got with the Sirui T-025X Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod.

This thing is light and folds away nicely. The travel plans involved a crisscrossing over Australia, flying to England for Christmas in the countryside then heading to Iceland and Faroe Islands. My usual tripod is a few kilos and is about 50cm in height when packed up. What I loved about the Sirui tripod was that it could fold away and fit easily into my camera bag, or if I wanted, it could just sit in the pocket of my jackets. Either way, it wasn’t breaking the back. This made life easier moving around airports and planes and getting to locations.

The Sirui held its own in the field. While capturing the iconic Kirkjufell, the guy next to me asked me to step back because I was in his shot. A high-end Nikon sat upon a heavy and sturdy tripod with an extra-wide lens. I took a step back and put my Canon 6D with 16-35mm on top of my Sirui tripod and grabbed my shots. I couldn’t help but smile that even though I had a travel tripod, we were going to end up with pretty similar shots. Well done travel tripod!

Travelling with this tripod I felt like a ninja. Or a sniper. I was quick. I could get in and out of places quickly. I could set up and nail a shot in minimal time. It turns out that minus 15 celsius doesn’t put people off getting outdoors in Iceland. Seljalandfoss and Skogafoss were pretty busy. There were times when a gap with no tourists would open up. As soon as I could see it about to happen, I could quickly grab the tripod and get into position to get my shot.

The tripod does have its limitations. There were two times where I needed a solid tripod and the Sirui travel tripod just didn’t cut it. I had hiked for nearly three hours to Dragirnir on the Faroe Islands with a shot in mind of the famous rock. I had been lucky to get a break in the weather and have reasonably clear skies. After falling over twice on the ice in the first 10 minutes, I was tender and a little on the edge. When I arrived at the end, I sat down to take in the view and have a snack. In that time, the wind picked up and before I knew it, it was a gale. I set the tripod up and took aim. After reviewing my first long exposure, I wasn’t happy. There was a blur. I tried everything over the next couple of shots to protect the set up from the wind but I couldn’t nail the long exposure shot, turning the water into mist. That was a sad moment. But I put that more on the Faroe Islands fluctuating weather because if I had to carry a heavy tripod for those three hours (and three return) I am not sure I would have made it…or I would have fallen over more.

The other time was in terrible conditions in Iceland. It was right up there with the coldest destination on the trip and I couldn’t feel my nose. I am not sure if a solid tripod wouldn’t have even helped as it was blowing hard. It was late in the day and the lighting wasn’t great so the disappointment wasn’t as much as at Drangirnir.

If you are looking for a tripod for travel, I recommend the Sirui T-025X with the C-10s Ball Head. It is light, sturdy and packs away nicely. Because it is light, you are going to want to take it on those hikes and your back is going to thank you.



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