Spence Hornby - Waterman.

Spence Hornby - Waterman.

Spence Hornby: "I've been shooting for the past ten years or thereabouts. It's only been in the last six years or so that I have contributed to surf publications and developed a clientele. I am not a photographer who likes to chase only the top surfers, rather a good swell with surfers I trust. My favourite photos come from heavy waves more often than not, and I like to shoot from the water in most conditions. A few of my preferred locations are here in Australia as well as Hawaii and Indonesia.

Spence, tell us a little about yourself, where are you based and how did you get into photography?
I'm based on the Central Coast of NSW. I'm 31 and have shot since I left school. When I first started, a lot was happening. I'd started shooting
right after everyone who were shooting surf had switched from film to digital cameras, and I had to figure out my place in the big swing of things. I took some loans, invested in gear, my own time and had a go.

What fascinates you about the photography?
When it comes to surf photography, how crazy some of the photos are getting and on a daily basis the amount of insane photo's we see.
There's no shortage of talent.

Your biggest inspiration?
Anyone who works hard. But to get specific Bosko, Russ Ord, Brian Beilman, Andrew Buckley, Russo, Pete Frieden.

What have been some of your toughest challenges in your photographic career?
Overcoming personal confidence.

How often do you travel - your favourite place to take photos?
I've slowed right down with travel the past couple of years, and I hate that. I used to travel all the time.
My favourite places to shoot are big barrel waves. Australia on any coast, Indonesia.

What would you say is your most significant achievement to date?
The only goal I've ever set is to get ten international covers in my twenties, and I did that, so...there it is.

What have you been working on recently?
My local Surf gallery down at my hometown of Long Jetty.

What equipment do you shoot with currently?
My main body is a Canon 1Dmk 4. My lenses vary from fisheye through to 500mm.

What is your all-time favourite image and why?
Most probably one I shot when I first started of Richie Vas at Ours back in 09. Not so much the image but it represents the pinnacle of when shooting
surf was the funniest time for me. The crews I was hanging with, the lack of general responsibilities and hectic times I had back then. Great years.

If you could only take one camera and lens on your next job (you can throw in a water housing), what will be your go to set up to get the job done?
Easy. My 1Dmk4 with my 70-200mm 2.8 lens.

Your dream project?
It's been so done and a boring answer, but a boat trip through Indo with my favourite surfers. That shit never gets old.



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