Vagabond Creative Guides Andy Semark & Kat Nielsen First Time Shooting Together

Vagabond Creative Guides Andy Semark & Kat Nielsen First Time Shooting Together

Posted on August 29 2018

Vagabond Photographic Creative Guide Andrew Semark took fellow creative guide Kat Nielsen for a day of shooting his local wilderness in Sth West Oz.

Few words from Kat -
I meet Andy at sunrise before grabbing some coffee and heading to capture some breaks. Western Australia is well known for its epic surf and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Meeting Andy was like catching up with an old friend. His easy-going nature meant I felt immediately relaxed and could just enjoy the learning process. Andy is a wealth of knowledge and his work is phenomenal. Getting in the water is probably my favourite part of photography. So getting the opportunity to learn from someone who has mastered ocean photography the way Andy has was an experience I am very grateful to have had.

The best part about a workshop is all the knowledge you get to take away with you, to continue to perfect your craft. I highly recommend coming down to the South West and participating in either the drone or ocean workshop. It was an amazing day and one that will definitely help me to continue to develop my photography skills.

Few words from Andy -
Was lucky to spend the day shooting alongside Katherine from @wanderlustandsea. This incredible woman spends part of her day in the operating theatre as a nurse then finds the time to connect and write an amazing blog showcasing creatives around her. On top of all that she has a great creative eye behind the lens showing her unique and beautiful imagery. Her ability to capture subtle pastel tones amongst strong and bold environments sets her apart from the crowd and her warm and humble nature shines through as she sets out to showcase her take of the world from her camera.

Few images from our day. Starting with sunshine and coffee finished with a swim in the ocean.


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