Victoria McNeill

Victoria McNeill

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into photography?
I am a Graphic Designer and studied photography as part of my diploma, initially learning with a film SLR. This has helped enormously in becoming a digital photographer as I am able to compose my image without really thinking about it, visualise what the end result will be and (hopefully) nail that image with a single shot – this also saves spending way too much time in post-production. Having moved back Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs nearly 3 years ago after a stint living in the Upper North Shore, it has made me realise just how much I missed seeing Sydney harbour and the coastline. I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and spent a lot of my time at the beach, windsurfing and sailing, so I have a natural connection to water. I am also a passionate cyclist and shoot bike races when I can, which, like the sea, can be captured with a fast or slow shutter – either way it looks amazing!

What excites you about getting out there escaping & creating?
That every single moment is different. I imagine for anyone that picks up a camera and shoots, it puts you in one position – to be in that moment. To me nothing else enters my mind except what I am focusing on. Following on from a shoot my mind is absolutely buzzing with different ideas about what I have seen and what I can do with that visual and how can I make people see what I have seen – there never seems to be enough time in the day though. It’s a constant work in progress, always learning – from mistakes, from other photographers and artists, and that’s pretty exciting.

What fascinates you about the ocean?

It is constantly changing! What’s not to love? It can be calm and peaceful or extremely dangerous so learning to understand its’ ways is always a great challenge, and I love a challenge.

How was the Vagabond workshop at Cronulla Beach earlier year, fav moments and what was the experience like sharing the ocean with like-minded people and also getting to hang out with and learning from Shannon Glasson?

It’s always great to hang out with like-minded people, and you get to talk about that one passion you share! Shannon was amazing, so patient and so giving with her wealth of knowledge about the ocean and her background. We had challenging conditions that morning – cold, windy, overcast…but the girls certainly made the most of it and Dan was super helpful too. It was also my first experience with Salty Surf Housings, nice and light, easy to use and I now love having my own - it’s a perfect fit for my Olympus Em1 MkII.

If there was one destination you could travel to and photograph where would it be?
Where to start! I would like to do a lot more exploring around New Zealand, in and out of the water, there is such a variety of landscapes there, North and South Island. To swim and shoot with whales, the manta rays and the whale sharks is a dream so anywhere in Asia, the Pacific or WA. But my list goes on…

Where can we follow your work?


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