Warren Nederpelt, adventures in Canada.

Warren Nederpelt, adventures in Canada.

Warren Nederpelt is a jeweller and self-taught photographer/artists who resides in Perth W.A. Its fair to say Nederpelt has a problem sitting still and as a result of this has seen and experienced many different cultures and environments, whether that be urban or out in the pristine nature he often finds himself in. Warren has been kind enough to share some of his incredible imagery from his recent adventure to Canada in the winter months.


ATHABASCA GLACIER: We had pulled up into yet again another empty carpark just off the Icefields Parkway. As we were gearing up with layers of clothing and preparing ourselves for the brutal cold that awaited us outside, another car rolled into the carpark, the couple from NYC Chris and Lyndsey had intentions of hiking up the glacier and were enquiring with us if we were heading up, we confirmed yes and invited them to join us. After some small talk in the carpark, we headed out and up. Once we had reached the base of the glacier there were some brief discussions about the safest way to go about it. I don’t consider myself an expert in mountaineering. Nevertheless, I had a safe route in mind minimise any exposure to possible danger and expressed this to the NYC couple. To my surprise, Chris decided to just take off straight up the middle of the snow-filled glacier. This was not a path I or the rest of us wanted to follow. We pushed on up our route with one eye on Chris. A crazy move by Chris but a great photo opportunity for me, so I took it.

BANFF: A place that sits pretty high on a lot of people’s places to visit, and for good reason with views like this, less than 2 minutes out of the busy town. Mount Rundle is one of many impressive chunks of rock that tower over Banff township and one that, weather permitting, I hope to scramble up one day. This region really is as good as it gets year round for tourists, adventure seekers and photographers alike. I was already thinking about my return before I had even left.

THE FORTRESS: It felt like everything had been turned to black and white as we came out of the forested trail and approached the alpine. We had entered this alpine area at Chesters lake via the trailhead on Spray Lakes Road in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. The hike in was relatively easy with most of the elevation gained towards the beginning of the hike before the trail levelled out. The fillets of rock you are looking at are part of a mountain named The Fortress and Stand at around 2800 metres above sea level. Usually, I am positioned at the lower end of that scale somewhere next to the Indian Ocean on the West Coast of Australia, so the change of scenery in areas like this always excites me. I could seriously hang out in a place like this all day.

MARBLE CANYON: Situated just off Highway 93 in the Kootenay National Park in British Columbia, Canada.
This will go down as the place where I crashed my drone, and when I say my drone I mean the drone a friend back home had lent me. 
We were in a remote area, and it was late afternoon getting on dark, the air temp was somewhere in the -30 region and retrieval was sketch. 
The drone had come to a stop on an overhang of snow with a 40 plus metre drop to the cold canyon floor below.  I didn’t want to be the canyons next victim so leaving it there perched on the edge overnight was the only safe option until I could get some assistance the following day.
When we returned we retrieved the drone from certain death and I was pleased to find this image. 

EMERALD LAKE: This was a location that I had seen an abundance of images of and it was on my partner Vanessa’s bucket list to visit while in the region. Finding a new angle on the iconic location was near impossible so I decided to hit it up for a night shot. The afternoon we left Banff to get to this location there was some seriously below average driving conditions, visibility was so poor and I could only see approximately 100 metres of icy, snow-packed road in front of me. Normally that’s fine but for anyone that has travelled in this region you would know, traffic including large trucks have no desire to sit on anything less than 120kmh so you really have to keep the pace and stay alert. We arrived at the emerald lake before dark and had some time to check the place out before the light faded away completely. For those interested, I used a flash pointed upwards to highlight the falling snow and create what could become my next Christmas card. 

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  • Michelle Westerburger: April 25, 2018

    Absolutely gorgeous photos. Would love to visit these places as the pictures make them look and feel magical! What a fantastic photographer Warren is.

  • Hans Lïkhelmut: April 04, 2018

    Very peaceful yet powerful. The mountains have such beauty. A great place to roast some hotdogs and enjoy a frosty beer .

  • Kelvin Suching : March 24, 2018

    Stunning images . I once had a fellow at an airport waiting room in Detroit tell me “forgetting your camera on a trip is like a private tragedy “ I drank my juice and I left

  • Sandra Nerreter: March 24, 2018

    Love your pictures and memories of your last trip to Canada. I also enjoyed seeing you and Vanessa again. Cheers mate.

  • Gary ingram: March 23, 2018

    Great photos and stories Warren.

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