Warrick Eady

Warrick Eady

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into photography?

I got into photography towards the end of high school, to be honest I'm not even really sure where the influence came from.
Mum and Dad both go pretty good with a camera so I think probably it came from a combination of them and a general fascination.

I kept up the interest for a few years but never really did anything much with it, mostly just when on holidays or at home with the family.

After high school I joined the Army and the first few years I didn't really do much photography (was probably too busy being yelled at and trying to learn a trade - I'm an Electrician 9-5) but during my first deployment to Afghanistan in 2010, I realised that I'd been a part of something huge.
While I had heaps of photos, they were really just 'happy snaps' and I knew I'd missed an opportunity to really document the experience.

Once home, the first thing I did was invest in an entry level Canon with kit lenses and started getting back into it - this time though I wanted to be able to create and share the feeling of what I was seeing and living, so I started pouring through YouTube videos and magazines trying to learn as much as I could.

Fast forward a couple of more years, two more trips to the 'Ghan and I'd come home and found myself in a pretty dark place.

Photography then turned into a pretty huge coping mechanism and there were days where it was the only thing that got me out of bed, but I'm hugely grateful for those times it did.

I've made heaps of friends through it, learnt far more than I ever set out to and have been lucky enough to meet some incredible and hugely inspiring photographers as well.

What excites you about getting out there escaping & creating?

The whole experience of getting out somewhere new, turning the phone, brain - or both, off. I love storytelling through images too, and that's something I'm really trying to focus on more.

What fascinates you about the ocean?

I love the ocean and even though it feels like I'm giving away a bit of a secret here, it's probably largely due to the fact that I didn't grow up anywhere near it!

I grew up in Central West NSW near Mudgee, but I've always, always been drawn to and inspired by the ocean and the people who made it their home, whether they be divers meters under the surface or a rider shooting out the end of a barrel.

I think though I just find myself both in awe and grateful to the ocean, and the clarity shooting in and below the waves gives me. Nothing has ever cleared my head and helped me unwind better.

I live in Newcastle now and have zero plans to leave. I love being on the coast and I think I always knew I would end up here.

I've also started Free-diving, which has shed a whole new light on the ocean. I'm completely hooked and I'm now teaching myself to combine diving and photography.

How was the Vagabond workshop at Bluey’s Beach last year, fav moments and what was the experience like sharing the ocean with like minded people and also getting to hang out with and learning from Warren Keelan & Russell Ord?

Incredible. I learned so much, and had an absolute ball doing it.

I loved the structure of the workshop - the way it was kept casual and not as regimented as a "classroom" style workshop can be sometimes.

The biggest takeaways for me though were getting to spend a couple of days shooting with some absolute legend photographers and learn about how Ordy and Waz made it to where they are today.

You had you first solo exhibition recently, How was that for an experience & how did it go?

I did, I put together an exhibition titled ‘These Seven Seas’ and it went really well.

The concept was to explore our relationship with our mental health, our connection to the ocean and it’s long lasting use as a metaphor for the balance of life.
A lot of hard work and time went into putting it all together, as you'd expect, but I'm really glad it all came off and I'm really grateful for the experience.

I spent a lot of time working on a storyline and then trying to create and tie imagery to that storyline, which was a huge challenge and something I’d become a little bit lazy with.

I actually have the Bluey's Beach weekend with the Vagabond crew, and in particular Ordy to thank for the confidence boost to give it ago.

As Ordy said to us a few times during the workshop, at some point you’ve got to go beyond the instant likes of the gram and do some real work.

That’s what These Seven Seas was; it was an exercise in doing that work, putting myself out there and giving my photography a chance to do something worthwhile.

I'm really big on supporting people dealing with mental health, in particular depression and anxiety so it was hugely rewarding to be able to use photography and the ocean to share what I went through, in the hopes that it’ll help at least one other person whose dealing with the same thing.

If there was one destination you could travel to and photograph where would it be?

As much as my parents and partner Alice probably wouldn't like this - I think I'd have to say Afghanistan.

It's hard to explain but that place gets under your skin.
There's something about the ruggedness, the rawness and the remoteness that I think leaves a mark on your soul and while it's easy to dismiss it based on news footage, it really is a truly beautiful country.

If not there, then I'd have to say, in no particular order, Mexico, Tahiti, Sri Lanka, Norfolk Island and Tassie (which is happening in October) - for a lot of the same reasons, but with heaps better diving and surf.

Where can we follow your work? (Website / Social)
Web - www.warrickeadyphoto.com
Facey - facebook.com/warrickeadyphoto
IG - @warrickeadyphoto


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