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  • Ripper Article By Vagabond Creative Guide Nush Freedman For Oceanographic Magazine

    Posted on October 06 2019

    Check out Nush's article for Oceanographic Magazine - Life On Ningaloo Reef. Fantastic read and insight into the wonders of Ningaloo and what makes Nush such a great human.

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  • Getting To Know Nush

    Posted on September 10 2019

    Hey, my name is Nush (like bush but with an N) I am a 24 year old underwater photographer, presenter and content creator living in Exmouth Western Australia. What excites you...

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  • Cruisin' Raja Ampat

    Posted on August 12 2019

    Infamis Journey With Vagabond Creative Guides Nush Freedman & Andre Rerekura Raja Ampat is a journey in itself, The diversity between the marine habitats and terrestrial life is phenomenal. This clip...

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  • Vagabond Crew Dre & Nush Lord Howe Island

    Posted on February 15 2019

    Written by Nush Freedman Imagery by Andre RerekuraLord Howe Island, what a magical and pristine part of Australia. Just 600km out to sea from Port Macquarie this extinct volcano is every...

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  • Dre & Nush Recent Rottnesst Island Adventure

    Posted on February 08 2019

    Next level lovers of the Ocean, environment, living healthy & sustainably.Dre & Nush (Andre Rerekura & Nush Freedman) natural born ocean frothers they have sent through some shots of their...

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  • Dre Takes A Dip With A Few Tiger Sharks

    Posted on February 07 2019

    Andre Rerekura, Co-Founder of Terra Australis & Vagabond Creative Guide shares his experience of a recent encounter with a tiger sharks aka (Underwater Puppy Dogs) apparently.

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  • Getting To Know Dre

    Posted on February 07 2019

    Please introduce yourself in 20 words or less -Hi I'm Andre Rerekura, I have a passion for underwater film and photography, Mostly revolving around marine life and lifestyle. Was photography your...

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