Escape & Create Nth West Kalbarri/Gnaraloo Adventure Tour West Oz 2020

Escape & Create Nth West Kalbarri/Gnaraloo Adventure Tour West Oz 2020

Thu 20th Aug - 28th Aug 2020 (3 Spots Available)
Mon 27th July - 4th Aug 2020 (Sold Out)

Limited Spots: This adventure is limited to 3 spots only. Place secured via paying your non-refundable deposit.

Price: $4950
Non-refundable deposit - $1980
The remaining balance of $2970 must be paid by April 30th 2020

Where: Kalbarri & Gnaraloo, North Western Australia.


Join Professional Ocean, Lifestyle, Adventure photographer Russell Ord for a very unique 9-day photographic experience 4WD road tripping from Perth to Gnaraloo.

This 9-day Photo Experience consists of capturing the best Western Australia has to offer including the ocean, raw & rugged coastline, artistic textures, shooting story, post-production and editing. This is a comprehensive lifestyle photographic experience for anyone looking to develop their photographic skills & have a phenomenal adventure at the same time.

You will be mentored by Russell Ord one of the most experienced and talented ocean & lifestyle photographers in the world while on the road adventuring through Western Australia.

Our guided photographic tours in fully equipped 4wd help us explore the remote Western Australian coastline. The concept was born from a passion for photography and adventure. We saw a gap in the market for unique photographic experiences in remote locations - get off the beaten track!

Topics that can be covered:

  • Digital photography
  • Understanding your surroundings and environment
  • Safety
  • Post-production and editing


  • The first two nights we will be staying at a local Air B&B in Kalbarri Beach.
  • Then onto Gnaraloo Homestead Stone Cabins for 4 nights
  • Then returning to Kalbarri Beach for the last two nights.
  • All accommodation is shared.

Equipment requirements:

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Water housing (if you don’t have a housing advise Vagabond Photographic and we will assist)
  • Laptop with Lightroom editing software (However not compulsory)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Wetsuit & Fins
  • Email for clothing, climate & any other questions on what to or not to bring.

Recommended for:

Anyone with a passion for adventure, exploration & photography.
Photography experience/ skill level does not matter, this is for anyone of all skill levels.


  • 3 main meals will be provided each day, we will be in touch to discuss food requirements.
  • Fujifilm Photographic Equipment.
  • Aquatech water housings.
  • 4wd Recovery gear for the unexpected.
  • And last but not least mentor Russell Ord (rugged charm) to help you create the best photos possible and have an amazingly unique experience across West Australia.


  • Airfares/ Transport to and from Perth
  • You will need to be in Perth to be ready to leave Monday 27th 6am for Russell to pick you up. Your flights leaving Perth will have to be evening to ensure we get you back in time from the days drive back from Kalbarri.
  • Email if you have any further inquiries.
  • About your creative guide

Russell Ord

On his path to becoming an internationally acclaimed photographer, Russell Ord has squinted down the lens at an intriguing mix of subjects over the years. He’s shot magazine covers of world-class surfers and helped deify celebrity chefs. He’s roamed with Uunguu Rangers in the Australian outback, island-hopped across tropical fantasylands and followed his photographic instincts through urban meccas. Meanwhile, his ocean images are celebrated for simultaneously implying the cruelty and majesty of the sea.

As one of the world’s leading surf photographers, Russ’s unique talents culminated in his documentation of a violent twist of Indian Ocean known simply as ‘The Right’. In pursuit of a unique, career-defining angle, Russ put himself in a situation where the ocean’s most powerful forces converge. The hard-won image served as the focal point for his celebrated documentary, ‘One Shot’.

While he remains a passionate and astute chronicler of the ocean’s moods, Russ suggests that evolving and diversifying is the key to a long and stimulating photographic career. “I realised very quickly if I wanted to keep working as a photographer I would have to develop other skills. Most of my work now revolves around capturing people’s stories, along with tourism and brand work.”

While professionally driven, Russ is very much the type of person who thrives on the opportunity to share his extensive knowledge. “It just about works in reverse,” he states. “By sharing my experience/knowledge, it inspires me to pick up the camera and shoot for the enjoyment. Watching someone develop a new skill and how ecstatic they are when the shot works out serves as a true reminder of why I started photography in the first place.”

Russ’s diverse range of experience, superior technical knowledge and gregarious nature mean he is uniquely placed to act as a mentor to other photographers. Time with Russ is not simply a tutorial; it’s a rollicking experience that ensures you come away both entertained and educated.

Payment and terms

A $1980 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot
Important: Do not book flights until this experience is confirmed to be proceeding.

Balance of payment due 30th April 2020.
More information and detailed itinerary upon request -