AxisGO Underwater Housing For iPhone 7 & iPhone 8



Product Details

AxisGO allows image capture with the phone’s native camera app, access to all your favourite applications with full touchscreen sensitivity whilst you are in, surrounded or under the water.

Swipe, tap, pinch and zoom the touchscreen to control your phone as normal all whilst maintaining a rugged and shock resistant protective shield.

Confidently shoot at depths down to 10 metres. 
You can still make and receive calls as the audio quality has not been sacrificed.
Top and bottom mounting points offer further mounting possibilities and the use of the AxisGO Pistol Grip. Designed to use an interchangeable lens port system if you want to get more out of your creativity. Wide angle & over/under dome ports are available separately.

The iPhone 6 is compatible with the AxisGO 7, but will be limited to the standard lens port and standard dome port only due to the lens placement of the iPhone 6. The AxisGO Pistol Grip will be compatible also with the iPhone 6.

Construction - polycarbonate, aluminium, marine grade stainless steel, optically correct glass elements

Dimensions (WxHxD) - 5 7/8” x 7 7/8” x 1 3/8” // 125mm x 200mm X 35mm

Weight - 15.70 oz // 445 grams