Benro iFoto Series 2 Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit With Ball Head


Product Details

A carbon fibre 4-section tripod with reverse-folding carbon fibre legs, which fold down to 62cm. Compact and comfortable to carry for short hikes and even long-distance travelling, this 1.7 kg tripod has a load capacity of 14 kg, which is more than suitable to support large format cameras.

The tripod can reach a maximum height of 165cm for those hard-to-reach shots, and the legs have three varying angles of 23, 55, and 80°, which enables the tripod to go a minimum height of 46cm. A favourable feature of the tripod is the detachable leg, which becomes a monopod and can be taken to areas where tripods are not permitted or simply do not fit. An IB2 ball head, with a load capacity of14 kg, has been included as part of the kit.