Ecto Bodysurfing Handplane - FLY Fish Wood 9" Chill Blue


Product Details

Ecto Handplanes - Wood 9" FLY Fish Model
The #EctoWoodFlyFish is an ultra-light 9 inch handplane hand crafted with precision from sustainable Paulownia wood. Designed to make you FLY with maximum speed/lift/hold in critical wave conditions through the flyers and fish tail design. The unique tail provides total paddling freedom through allowing complete 90° wrist movements whilst blending our award-winning design DNA from the All Rounder & Metal models. This handplane is ideal for bodysurfers who want to push their abilities at every level or have been thinking about a smaller & lighter handplane alternative.

• Handmade from sustainable plantation Australian grown Paulownia timber
• Sealed with a high quality low VOC marine varnish

• Fully adjustable one size fits all comfy 3mm neoprene hand strap system
• Ultra thin design for superior paddling freedom
• Underside concave optimised for maximum speed, lift and hold
• Nose rocker optimised to reduce spray and increase lift
• Hard rails to provide maximum hold and control

Skill / Waves
• Suitable for all skills and wave types

• Optional/Removable wrist leash with adjustable toggle (for kids or big surf)
• Carry bag made from black velour with adjustable drawstring
• Ecto 'BODYSURF' bumper sticker

• Dimensions: ~ 230mm x 180mm x 15mm | 9in x 7.5in x 0.5in
• Weight: ~ 200g | 6oz