Andre Rerekura

Please introduce yourself in 20 words or less -
Hi I'm Andre Rerekura, I have a passion for underwater film and photography, Mostly revolving around marine life and lifestyle. 

Was photography your first career choice?  No, I went through a few choices growing up, From a Chef to a cabinet maker, Then skipper on pearl farms to a commercial diver. 

How did you go from photography being a hobby to doing it full time?
I just kept meeting people that enjoyed the shots and wanted their projects shot too, plus meeting the likes of Russel Ord who had me work along side him a few times. 

What is the favourite part of your work?  Its great to see people enjoy the shots, plus the great locations you end up working and the people you meet along the way.

Over the last few years, what type of photography/videography work have you been doing?
Mostly underwater lifestyle and marine life.

Are there any projects you are working on at the moment?
I'm working on a few at the moment, One involves the marine life but mainly sharks in Western Australia and the other captures the beauty around the old hard hat pearl diving equipment. 

What type of gear are you using at the moment and what is the one piece of equipment you wished you had?
I'm using a 5D Mark iii in an aquatic housing, I mostly use a 16-35mm lens. I'm looking at upgraded everything to a Sony A9 with a nautical housing. Its a lot more compact with the better technology than the 5D plus a lot more practical for travelling. 

What excites you about travel and photography? I've been on the move for so many years now and nothing beats the feeling of packing your bags and on the move again.

What are your sources of inspiration and do you ever go through times when you think “let's move on from this type of work”?
There is so many talented people out there and its all inspiring and motivating. I do crave structure and settling but once iv unpacked my bags and sitting still I just want to run again. 

What is the worst piece of advice you have heard given to someone that wants to make a career out of photography?
I always hear how there is so much competition out there but everyone is different so its always worth a try. 

What is the one aspect you find the most difficult about running a photographic business?
Sitting in front of computer screen. 

If there was one destination you could travel to and photograph where would it be?
I just watched a doc called Jago- A life underwater, Its about a village that grows up on the ocean at Bajau in indo, they have and amazing connection with the sea, I would love to visit there.  

Where can we follow your work?

Instagram : terra_australisandrererekuracreative.  
Website: ,