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Hamish Stubbs

Please introduce yourself in 20 words or less
I’m a lover of the outdoors from NZ that enjoys capturing the world how I see it through my lens.

Was photography your first career choice?
No I found photography after buying a GoPro in 2013 and immediately wanting to take it further.

How did you go from photography being a hobby to doing it full time?
I currently work half the year in the mines of Western Australia and the other half travelling the world taking photos either for personal projects or clients and also running photography workshops.

What is the favourite part of your work?
I love that photography has got me outdoors more and wanting to explore the world and meet people from all kinds of cultures.

Over the last few years what type of photography work have you been doing?
I have been selling prints, doing work for tourism companies creating content and also running workshops.

Are there any projects you are working on at the moment?
I am currently working on new workshops for next Milkyway season and doing some private shoots for families under the stars.

What type of gear are you using at the moment and what is the one piece of equipment you wished you had?
My main camera for my landscapes a is Nikon D810 with a number of lenses and accessories, I also have a Sony A6300 that I got for video although I have recently been given an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II that will be my main video and a very versatile travel camera?

When excites you about travel and photography? All of it, I feel stagnant if I am taking photos in the same place over and over new landscapes push me to create something in a way that people may not have seen and encourage them to get out there and see the world for themselves.

What are your sources of inspiration and do you ever go through times when you think lets move on from this type of work?
As I started in the ocean with my photography guys like Matt Draper, Russel Ord, Anj Semark are all incredible photographers and with my landscape and travel DK Photography always out out amazing work and are also incredibly supportive, People like Michael Shainblum, Max Rive, Chris Burkhard are also an influence.

What is the worst piece of advice you have heard given to a someone that wants to make a career out of photography?
You have to have x amount of followers on social media to be able to make it.

What is the one aspect you find the most difficult about running a photographic business?
That is exactly it, the business side is what I find the hardest. Taking photos comes 2nd nature the business side does not.

If there was one destination you could travel to and photograph where would it be?
I have been lucky enough to travel to most of my bucket list locations in the last couple years and as I write this I am packing for Europe but one place I really want to see is Africa and photograph all the wildlife?

Where can we follow your work?
Website :