AquaTech Edge Canon EOS R5 Underwater Housing

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The EDGE Sport Housing for the Canon EOS R5 is a culmination of the design principles AquaTech have been perfecting for over 20 years. The EDGE is their most compact, advanced, and ergonomic water housing design to date.

Featuring a completely redesigned clip system the EDGE is a bold step forward for AquaTech. The more ergonomic design allows for effortless shooting in either portrait or landscape mode. The reduced form factor of the EDGE allows the Sport Housing to glide effortlessly through the water. No matter what you are trying to capture, The EDGE is an indispensable addition to your photography gear setup.

The EDGE Sport Housing is compatible with the interchangeable P-Series ports, which support a robust array of lenses. Camera control is offered via tactile push button controls on the housings backplate, allowing simple and intuitive control over important camera settings.

The EDGE features a new glass eyepiece that provides superior clarity to the EVF for improved shooting. The raised eyepiece allows for easy locating of the EVF when shooting while blocking out harsh light into the viewfinder.

Capturing video? The EDGE comes with a palm stopper that acts as a comfortable right hand grip for increased stability during video capture. It can also be supplemented with another side handle for an additional purchase to allow for a firmer grip and improved stability. If using the M3 Pistol Grip both handles can be removed.
The new quick release back plate on the EDGE allows for easy access and flexibility. The backplate also self locates so you know that your controls are always lined up correctly. The EDGE Sport Housing is also compatible with our M3 Pistol Grip and is available in either a Grey or Orange colour option.

Lens Ports: Compatible with P-Series Lens Ports and Zoom Gears
Controls: Menu, rate, on/off, multi controller left & right, AF-ON, AE lock, AF point selection, erase button, play back, magnify, “Q” button, info, quick control dial 1, quick control dial 2.
Dimensions: Width = 200mm, Height = 170mm, Depth = 115mm
Weight: 1.4kg (3lb)
Depth Rating: 10m/33ft
Construction: Polycarbonate body, stainless steel controls as well as hard anodised aluminium controls
Compatible Accessories: M3 Pistol Grip, LUX Flash Housing, SYNC Transmitter Housing, Pro Mount V3, Water Housing Body Cap, Side Handle Mount

- EDGE Sport Housing
- Cable Release
- Main Side Handle
- Palm Stopper Side Handle
- Instruction Card
- Camera Setup Tips
- Tool Kit
- Silicon Grease