AquaTech M3 Pistol Grip


Product Details

Their most comfortable and responsive pistol grip to date. The new M3 Pistol Grip borrows styling and ergonomics from our hugely popular AxisGO Pistol Grip and allows tactile control and increased the responsiveness of the camera shutter functions.

The M3 Pistol Grip connects via a newly developed mounting plate to engage with the advanced electronic shutter button found on the Elite II Housings. This allows the real feel of the cameras half press shutter function, allowing the user to easily determine the half press for focus and full press for shutter release. All this in a lightweight, ergonomic and durable design. The profile of the grip has been improved with contoured finger spacing, rubberized and textured insert design plus extra support right through to your pinky finger with this new shape.

The M3 Pistol Grip will only be compatible with the new Elite II Housing line. Any older version pistol grips are not compatible with the Elite II housings.