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AquaTech Pocket Wizard Plus III Housing for Canon

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Product Details

The Pocket Wizard housing is designed to allow the photographer to either sync to an external lighting source with a receiving Pocket Wizard unit, or remotely fire your Sports Housing. This unit is compatible with the Pocket Wizard Plus III and PLUS X only. Please note that the receiving unit can be any of the Pocket Wizard ranges as all models can transmit and receive to each other.

The Pocket Wizard Housing comes with a centre mount for the Sports Housing, mini jack to PC mount for flash Sync, mini jack to cable release for remote firing, standard 16 inches 3 pin cable, and all tools/bolts required. For work which requires the camera to be positioned below the surface, you will require an extra length of cable 3 pin cable to ensure the transmitting signal is above the water and able to send a strong clear signal to the receiving Pocket Wizard. Extra lengths available.

Compatible with the following Canon Sport Housings:
  • Delphin 1D
  • Elite 5D4
  • Elite 5D3
  • Elite 7D2


  • Pocket Wizard Housing for Plus III
  • Housing mount
  • 16” Sync Lead
  • PC sync jack
  • Canon cable release
  • Instructions
  • Toolkit