AquaTech Sport Shield Rain Cover Extra Large


Product Details

Gives you the freedom to shoot out in the elements without destroying your gear. Designed to protect you against the rain, salt, sun, dust and snow.
Made from waterproof & breathable fabric. The neoprene front panel provides a watertight seal with the lens hood while the eyepiece allows a weather proof seal and clear view through the view finder. (Please note the eyepiece is sold separately)

The rain cover is equipped with a silicone sealed window so you keep your full visual access to your LCD screen, it also has camera strap mounting loops, hot shoe access, eyepiece storage pocket and the best part. A weatherproof sleeve giving you easy access to your camera controls, plus strong & reliable shock corded adjusters to keep your sports shield snug against your lens & camera when out in the wind. 

Maximum lens length including lens hood is 530mm