iFootage Wild Bull T3 Carbon Fibre Video Tripod


Product Details

Supporting up to 60kg of gear, the tripod works with any camera on the market & or (small fridge with tripod thread). Fully extended, it reaches a maximum height of 1.5m. The ergonomic design makes it incredibly easy to handle and transport.

The patented structure of the connecting joint keeps the tripod still and locked in place in any position. It can be used with both a flat base head and bowl-head base. Compatible with 100m/75m Bowl.

Pretty useful outdoors, remove the spreader and the legs can be adjusted independently which allows you can get as close as possible to the ground or use the tripod on rocky terrain. When shooting in a muddy environment or in shallow water you can use an SS screw to secure the feet pads and spikes. The feet design has the nails and anti-sliding rubber pad for different terrain use.

The difference between the (T1) Carbon Fibre & (T3) Aluminium versions is the weight of the tripod itself & as always the dam price.

Carbon Fibre weight = 5 Kg
Aluminium Weight = 6.5 Kg