Lomography Diana Accessory Kit


Product Details

Kit Includes - 

  • Diana+ 35mm Back: This dedicated film back allows you to use any kind of 35mm film with your medium format Diana+ or Diana F+ camera.
  • Diana+ 110mm Soft Telephoto Lens: This long lens allows you to photograph distant subjects and also provides a unique, flattering soft image quality.
  • Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens: Capturing an expansive perspective, this lens renders a circular 180° field of view to offer a creative viewpoint for working with close-up subjects.
  • Diana+ 55mm Wide-Angle and Close-Up Lenses: This dedicated set of adapter lenses allows you to change between close-up viewpoints and broader perspectives with the 55mm lens.
  • Diana+ 38mm Super Wide-Angle Lens: Equivalent to a 25mm in the 35mm format, this classic wide-angle focal length is ideal for street shooting.
  • Diana+ Splitzer: This unique accessory, which slips into the front of the main lens, can be controlled to permit exposing only a portion of a scene at a time, making it well-suited for creative multiple exposure effects.
  • Diana+ Collar and Cable Release: A dedicated cable release adapter benefits photographers looking to make steady, sharp long exposure images without needing to hold down the shutter release.