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Lomography Lomo' Instant Camera and Lenses



Product Details

The Lomo Instant accepts Fujifilm instax instant film, producing credit card-sized prints almost immediately after pressing the shutter release button. The wide angle 27mm lens features a range from f/8 all the way down to f/32.

Included with the camera is a trio of add on lenses for creatively adjusting the look of your images and producing distinct optical effects. The Fisheye Attachment lens offers a broad 170° angle of view for producing creatively distorted, circular images; the Portrait Attachment narrows the field of view to a 35mm focal length, and is well-suited for environmental shooting; and the Close-Up Attachment lens lets you home in on your subjects with a 3.9-5.9" minimum focusing range.

Three different shooting modes allow for seamless capture in a variety of lighting conditions. The Flash-On Auto Mode operates with the default aperture value of f/16 allowing you to adjust the exposure compensation dial to your liking. The Flash-On Manual Mode suits indoor shooting, allowing you to switch between N for normal daytime shots and B for long exposures with the flash remaining on. The Flash-Off Manual Mode is designed for long exposures at night, allowing you to switch between N for normal daytime shots and B for long exposures with the flash switched off.

In addition to long exposures, the Lomo Instant allows you to shoot unlimited multiple exposure instants. Four colour gels are included with this camera, allowing you to filter your flash with blue, red, purple, or yellow to distort the tone or artistic vision of your shot. A tripod mount and cable release mount allow for additional shooting possibilities. For all of your selfie needs, a tiny mirror has even been installed to the left of the lens. Four AAA batteries ensure steady operation for all of your artistic and experimental photography endeavours.