Lume Cube 2.0 Portable Lighting Kit+

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Product Details

This kit is a combination of light, mounts, and modifiers for the creative photographer or videographer to take their content to the next level. Mount the Lume Cube on top of a DSLR or light stand and choose between their full line of diffusers, gels, and modifiers to soften, color, or shape your light!

Kit Includes - 

  • One (1) Lume Cube 2.0 LED Light
  • One (1) DSLR Camera Mount with Light-Stand Adapter
  • One (1) Modification Frame
  • Two (2) CTO Warming Gels
  • One (1) Diffusion Bulb
  • Two (2) Flat White Diffusers
  • RGBY Color Gels (4 pack of Red/Green/Blue/Yellow)
  • Two (2) Honeycomb Grids
  • One (1) Snoot
  • One (1) Barn Door
  • One (1) USB-C Charging Cable
  • One (1) Zipper Case