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Pixelstick LED Light

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Whether you're a seasoned pro or just got your first camera, pixelstick is a real fun light painting tool

Pixelstick may seem like magic, but it's actually pretty simple. Each one of pixelstick's 200 LEDs acts like a pixel on a screen, displaying your image one vertical line at a time as you walk. These vertical lines, when captured by a long exposure, combine to recreate your image in mid air, leaving pixelstick (and the person using it) invisible

All you need is pixelstick and a camera with a long exposure mode! The Controller is easy to use – simply insert and SD card with images you’ve prepped on your computer, set the camera to take a long exposure, select the image you want pixelstick to display, and press Fire! The beauty of lightpainting is there’s no wrong way to do it.

Great for travel at a collapsed height of 42", all pixelstick’s parts fit snugly in the included carry bag, so it can go where you go, including carry-on luggage. 

Pixelstick comes packed with a dozen built-in patterns to get you started, but the real magic comes when you bring your own images to the party. From a hand-drawn pattern to a still from your favorite movie, pixelstick can handle anything you throw at it. Once you've picked an image, use the controller to tweak brightness, speed, white balance, and a host of other options to ensure you get the perfect shot.