Salty A-Pro Boosted Underwater Housing


Port System

Product Details

The Salty A-Pro Boosted underwater housing suits the Sony A9, A7R III & A7 III with a Sony VG-3EM Vertical Battery Grip attached. Included is the Salty Pro Side Handle. 

There are two choices of port systems.

  • If you plan to use G-Master lenses you will need to select the standard port system option. (The standard port system is an additional $165.)

  • If you are not planning to use G-Master lenses you can select the mini port system option. You can upgrade to the Standard port system later down the track if you need too.

Please note you cannot use the housing without at least one grip and one lens port. Customised single or multi colour paint jobs can take from 1-2 weeks for delivery. For specialised paint jobs like camo, zebra etc vary from an additional cost of $200-$500.

Paint -
If your running a custom single or multicolour paint job you can choose your colours from here.
Leave your colour choices in the special instructions section of the Vagabond checkout. Please list colour and product code. If you have chosen multi colour please specify your base colour then your splatter, brushed or fade colour. The typical amount of colours is three.

Grip -
When selecting a grip the Side Handle is quite self explanatory. The difference between the Single Stage & Two Stage pistol grip are as follows - 

  • The single stage pistol grip features a ‘one-press’ button. This button fires the shutter with one press.
  • The two stage pistol grip features a ‘half-press to focus’ and ‘full-press to fire’ button. There is a tactile click at the half press and again at full press, making single-handed autofocusing with the pistol grip very easy.
  • If you shoot using back button to focus, or with a manual focus lens, the single-pistol grip is your best option. It provides a very responsive shutter action, ensuring that you never miss a shot.
  • Both grips look exactly the same, it is just the feel of the button that is different.

Lens Ports - 
View available Salty lens ports here.
If you need a hand please

Controls – 

  • Top shutter (via side lever)
  • On/Off switch (via side lever)
  • C1
  • C2
  • C3
  • MENU
  • Video Record
  • AF-On
  • AEL
  • Fn
  • Set/Enter
  • Playback
  • Trash/C4
  • Rear upper dial
  • Rear scroll wheel (with press for ISO)

        Constructed with aluminium, then anodised. All buttons and hardware are 316 stainless steel, providing superior corrosion resistance. It has a depth rating of 20m or 66 feet underwater

        Housing = 600 grams
        Housing with pistol grip = 1.2 Kg

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