Tenba Transport Air Case Attaché 2520w


Product Details

Tenba Air Case Attaché cases are the ultimate lightweight multipurpose transportation solution for every style and size of photographic and filmmaking gear.

A shippable, airport checkable and virtually uncrushable case that fits 1-4 mirrorless, DSLR or cine cameras and 9-12 lenses.

They provide the strength and rigidity of a hard case at a fraction of the weight. Air Cases are strong enough to withstand more than 400 pounds stacked on top, yet they weigh up to 35% less than the average plastic hard case. This allows more gear — and heavier gear — to be stored in the case and still be within airline weight limits.

These cases also solve many of the common issues with plastic hard cases by having stronger, smoother rolling wheels; softer, more customizable interior layouts; better performing rolling luggage handles; zippered interior pockets and much more.