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  • Tahitian Ocean Photography Adventure With Russell Ord & Dom Mosqueira

  • Ocean Photography Experience with Warren Keelan & Russell Ord

Vagabond Photographic...

We are a community built around travel & adventure for those who are passionate about photography, videography & the environment.

To travel, to inspire, to dream, to experience, to learn, escape & create. Vagabond is much more than the usual photographic store with shiny new toys who’s number one goal and bottom line is “sales, sales, sales”.

We are about the art of giving, collaborations, and providing access to world class photographers all in one place. Be inspired, educated, enjoy yourself through our stories, workshops & creative guides.

Share your journey with us. Let us know what your up to, what you would like to see and learn and we will do our very best to make it happen.

We aim to gather all the tools & accessories one needs at their disposal, so it’s available from the one spot for your photographic travel & adventure endeavours.

We source the best gear out there which can sometimes be hard to track down in Australia or near impossible to acquire. We are always on the hunt for ripper brands & tools to assist us with our creativity.

Our number one goal and focus is creating a real experience, and building a passionate community of creatives.